Tesla Powerwall Batteries in Pittsburgh

Tesla Powerwall Batteries in Pittsburgh

We install Tesla Powerwall 3 Batteries in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania.

EIS Solar, Pittsburgh’s Solar Panel Installation Company, is leading the way by exclusively partnering with Tesla to provide the highest-quality home battery system in Pittsburgh and throughout our service coverage area in PA.

Tesla Powerwall for sale in Pittsburgh

    The Tesla Powerwall 3 is a high-quality home battery that provides backup power when needed. Tesla’s Powerwall 3 backup battery system can be used independently by charging with your home’s current electric utility, or EIS Solar can integrate it into your solar power system to provide your home with clean, reliable backup energy 24/7.

    When combined with your home's solar, the Tesla Powerwall 3 stores excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimizing your dependence on your electric utility.

    On a typical day in Western Pennsylvania, the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery and EIS Solar can meet all of your home’s energy needs. When the grid goes down, EIS Solar Energy will continue to power your home and charge your Tesla Powerwall Battery. So whenever you need power, it’s there for you day or night.

    Deciding if a storage battery is right for your home has many factors just like solar. Home energy usage patterns and cost, storage capacity and need, solar system size, if any, available incentives, warranties, and cost are all factors to consider when looking to purchase a home backup battery system.

    Contact us if you are interested in learning more about a Tesla Powerwall 3 Backup Battery or one of our other in-house battery systems for your home or business. One of our knowledgeable experts will answer questions you may have and explain how these battery systems can help provide energy to your home whenever it is needed.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Home Storage Batteries

Storage batteries provide power to your home by storing energy generated from your EIS Solar array system or your current power utility company. When the power goes out, that’s when the Tesla Powerwall 3 Batteries turn on. The Tesla Powerwall 3 Battery has intelligent energy management capabilities, minimizing the amount of energy that is drawn from the grid and reducing costs.

Tesla Powerwall 3

Power Everything

The Tesla Powerwall 3 is a compact home battery with an integrated solar inverter. It offers seamless whole-home backup protection and increased electricity bill savings.

Tesla Powerwall 3 for Sale in Pittsburgh

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  • Low Cost Design. Designed and engineered to provide whole-home backup protection at a lower per-unit cost
    • Simple Installation. With a fully integrated solar inverter, each Powerwall 3 unit is self-contained with fewer parts to install
    • Maximum Power Per Unit. Each unit has the storage capacity to provide backup power for the entire home
    • Easy System Expansion. Designed to allow for easy stacking of up to 10 units as your household energy needs increase
  • Electricity Bill Savings. Harvest more solar energy and customizable usage settings provide greater value and lower electricity bills
    • Efficient Solar Energy Storage. The integrated solar inverter efficiently converts solar energy into stored electricity, allowing the system to capture more solar energy in the process
    • Personalized Savings. Increases savings potential by automatically optimizing stored energy based on historical usage data, 48-hour weather forecasts and energy rate estimates
    • Sellback and Grid Sharing. Optimizes stored energy to increase savings using time-of-use rates, net metering, and virtual power plant grid support programs
  • Durable Design. Designed and engineered for reliability and durability, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions
    • Reliable in Extreme Environments. Provides reliable storage and backup protection at high elevations, in high humidity, and in extreme temperatures
    • Optimized for Cold Weather. Automatically controls its operating temperature to ensure optimal performance in cold weather
    • Flood Resistant Shell. Capable of maintaining normal operation in up to 28 inches of water
  • Whole-Home Backup Protection. A single Powerwall 3 unit can provide whole-home backup protection during a grid outage
    • One Unit Powers One Home. Each unit has a storage capacity and efficiency to provide backup protection to the entire home
    • Seamless Transition. Units begin powering the home as soon as an outage is detected, while similar home batteries experience a delay of 2-5 seconds
    • Automated Storage. Units automatically charge to maximum storage capacity when severe weather is forecast, ensuring maximum backup protection
  • One Integrated Ecosystem. Designed to support EV home charging needs with the ability to optimize for sustainable charging and energy savings
    • Charge On Solar. Allows EVs to recharge using excess solar not needed to power the home
    • Off-Grid Charging. Allows EVs to recharge using solar, even if the grid is down
    • Powershare. Allows Powershare-enabled EVs to share their battery power with the home through Powerwall, extending backup duration in an outage
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