Municipal Solar Pittsburgh

Municipal Solar in Pittsburgh

Solar Panels for Municipalities in PA

EIS Solar customizes non-profit and municipal solar installations throughout Pittsburgh and Western PA. Many of our non-profit solar installations are well known institutions in Pittsburgh including Phipps Conservatory and the Frick Environmental Center. We have also installed solar panels for municipalities and schools located throughout Western PA and beyond.

These municipal solar installations in Pittsburgh include solar roof mounts, solar ground mounts, solar canopies and custom steel solar structures.

EIS Provides Municipal Non-Profit Solar in Pittsburgh

Highest quality Materials

Superior Building Practices

NABCEP designed and supervised installations

Power purchase agreements

Purchase of equipment is tax exempt

5.0 rating reviews

EIS Solar also provides & installs Tesla backup power systems

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Marquis Garage Port Solar Parking Canopy

Non-Profit Solar Pittsburgh

EIS Non-profit solar is more affordable than you think

Phipps Solar Canopy In Pittsburgh
  • Roof, ground, canopies and innovative, custom steel structures such as custom parking canopies and custom solar structures all engineered specifically to meet your energy needs
  • Installation and service area includes PA, OH, WV, NJ, DC & MD
  • We handle all design, engineering, permits, utility approvals & inspections
  • Bondable, certified payroll compliant
  • Union and open shop workforces available
  • Experienced with the toughest building standards including: Living Building Challenge, SITES, LEED, Passive House, Energy Star and many others
  • ROI 5-6 years
  • IRR 15-18%
  • 26% tax credit
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Purchase of equipment is tax exempt
  • Decrease or eliminate your energy bills
  • Low interest financing available

Our non-profit solar solutions pay for themselves in 5-6 years!
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Did you know?

EIS Solar worked on the first landfill solar project in PA turning waste land into clean energy generation

EIS Solar has partnered with Pittsburgh International Airport to be the first major airport that is 100% self powered by their own microgrid