Solar Installation Experience and Solar References

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider.

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What should you ask a reference:
– Was the crew professional and were you comfortable with them?
– Did they build the array like they proposed, on budget
and on time?
– Did you have any issues with the installation?
– Is the array performing like they projected?
– Did they use flashing on the roof penetrations?
– Is the ground mounted system maintenance free or do you
need to mow under it and paint the steel each year?
– Have you had any issues with the system since it was
built? If so, how did the contractor handle it?
– What Kind of solar panels did they buy? Why?
Experience and references:
– How many references can they provide? Have they built
one or two arrays, perhaps none similar to what they propose for you?
– Can you freely contact anyone from a list of references or
are they providing just one or two select individuals?
– How long ago did they build the system? Can you have a
reference from one year ago? If not be wary.
– Are they related to the reference?
– Can you visit local installations? If not be wary.
– Is the company local? If not, how will they
service the array?
– Are the pictures on their website their installations or did
they just use someone else’s pictures? Ask for the
locations of odd looking photos that do
not appear to be from this region.
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