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Non-Profit Solar Energy Pittsburgh

Renewable Energy at Phipps Conservatory

This solar array will reduce green house gas emissions by 2,473 tons of CO2 (over 25 years).
System Highlights
- 125.25kW
- 3 SMA SB 8000; 15 SB 7000 Inverters
- 501 SolarWorld 250w Panels
- 10kW Gale Wind Turbine
- 100% American Made Panels
Equivalent CO2 Reductions
Small Car: 8,364,068 miles
Medium Car: 4,496,909 miles
SUV: 3,150,701 miles
Air Miles: 5,099,588 miles
Trees Planted: 98,932 trees planted
CO2 from Trash & Waste: 4,497 persons
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