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Ground Solar Panels Pittsburgh

Going Solar in Hunker - Complete Off-grid, Solar Powered Home

This solar array will reduce green house gas emissions by 219 tons of CO2 (over 25 years).
System Highlights
- 10.12kW
- Fronius IG Plus 10.0 Inverter
- 4.3 Year Payback/ROI
- Produces 11,739 kWh/year
- 100% American Made Panels
- 20kW Whole House Generator
Equivalent CO2 Reductions
Small Car: 741,017 miles
Medium Car: 397,455 miles
SUV: 278,471 miles
Air Miles: 450,722 miles
Trees Planted: 8,744 trees planted
CO2 from Trash & Waste: 397 persons
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